NYU Patient Portal

Portrait one is a cohesive overview of all the different aspects of mental health combined into a simple, data-informed interface. The second and third wireframes are meant to appear after a parent has clicked on the word, "sensory". The colors next to the headers relate to the status of that subject. For example if the color of social is yellow, then the assessment of social is within range.
One of the features is for the patients to receive a seemingly custom video in which the analysis would be delivered. 
Portrait number two is intended to be more of a clinical and neurological overview of the child. It is also intended to be generated analysis direct from a computer intelligence system without the need for a doctor to custom create feedback for patients. 
Portrait three is intended as a relaxing, custom "social-feed" in which parents can scroll casually to find out how their child is doing. This design is intended to be very light and enjoyable for parents to receive feedback. Like portrait one, portrait three includes a place for parent responses and comments to the feedback given. 
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